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Their Future is in Your Hands!

Our Donor Tiers 



Blue Parrot

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Blue Parrot Donors ($1 - $999) 

For Tech My School to survive, we are going to need a flock of blue parrots! Blue parrot donors are the lifeblood of the organization and help us stay in business so that we can serve as many students as possible.​​


Golden Parrot Donor

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Golden Parrot Donors ($1000 - $5,000) 

Golden Parrot donors really embody the same values that we do. They put their money where their mouth is and make the kind of contribution needed to keep Tech My School operational and serving schools. As a Golden Parrot Donor you will have the autonomy to dictate where you want your money to go and which project you feel most passionate about.


Platinum Parrot Donor

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Platinum Parrot Donors ($5001 - $10,000+) 

The Platinum Parrot Donor goes beyond the call of civic duty to empower Puerto Rico's next generation. Not only do they embody our mission, they help drive the direction of the non profit. Platinum Parrot Donors make contributions that leave generational impact on students and the island.    

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Mail a Check
P.O. Box 1986
Luquillo, PR 00773
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Bank Wire Contact Us for Details

Choose Your Method of Donation

Info for Act 60 Donors


Making lasting transformational change happens one person at a time. If you would like to help the Mission and Vision of Tech My School, please consider donating your time, money, or expertise to our cause. All monies donated to Tech My School are used to better the education of Puerto Rico through the purchase of: hardware, software, and human capital needed for long lasting, ongoing partnerships. Schools are not charged for these services so your donation goes straight into the classroom. We ensure that the money donated is stretched to achieve maximum impact, dollar for dollar. If you are interested in donating your time or expertise, please contact us at

For Act 60 Donors:


Law 60-2019 known as the “Incentive Code” allows the donor to enjoy its benefits through an annual donation of $ 10,000 to a certified non-profit organization 1101.01 PR and that is on the list of the Comisión Especial Conjunta de Fondos Legislativos para Impacto Comunitario (CECFL) that eradicate poverty in childrens. Tech My School meets both requirements which is eligible for a the entire obligation of donation at $10,000. 


If the donor wishes to divide the donation into two separate organizations, could do so as follows:

The first donation of $ 5,000 must be made to an organization that works with the eradication of child poverty and that appears on the list of the Comisión Especial Conjunta de Fondos Legislativos para Impacto Comunitario (CECFL) in the following list.

The second donation of $5,000 can be made to any organization of your interest that complies with section 1101.01 (a) (2). This may be the same organization that donated the first $5,000, or it may be a different organization. If you already have a decree of Law 22-2012, your donation obligation has not increased. As long as you donate at least $5,000 to a Puerto Rican non-profit organization certified under Section 1101.01 (a) (2).

You can find the list for qualifying 1101.01 here.

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