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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why Donate toward to an Educational Non Profit?

A: Because improving education is the best solution towards empowering a community and the future of its people.  

Q: Why is it advantageous to donate to Tech My School  rather than a school itself?

A: Tech My School has a specialized skill set that can improve schools in a way schools alone currently cannot.    
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Q: What are the expectations of a school who partners with TMS?

A: To have an open mind and a desire to better themselves in order to best serve their students. TMS works in partnership with each school individually, so each school will set their own commitment levels based on their unique needs.   

Q: Where does the money go once donated?

A: All money is used to better local schools that we partner with. We purchase tech based on the individual needs of schools. All donations are transparently reported for all donors to see. 
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