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Our Service Focus 

At Tech My School, the foundation of our services are built on 3 fundamental facets of education:

Empowering Learners 
Building Capacity in Others
Improving Educational Systems

Our Service Packages 

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The (ITA) or Individualized Technology Analysis is a self study process in which we facilitate a series of artifacts in order to pinpoint your school's place on a technology continuum. We use a 140 point checklist and 3 different rubrics. 


The (ITP) or Individualized Technology Plan is a uniquely tailored roadmap for your school given on both a 1 and 4 year timeline. We use your school's exact pain points in order to build an original plan for you. We use the ITA data along with a SWOT analysis in order to create this plan. It includes everything from PD's to Gantt Charts.


At Tech My School we ensure your school's needs are met, regardless of the challenge. We offer a custom package that tailors to your school's exact needs and specifications. We deliver the exact amount of services your school wants at a price that fits all budgets. From $0 to beyond. 

How We Serve

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TEacher Training
  • Blended Learning Training

  • Standards Based Instruction

  • Software & Application Training

  • Instructional Strategies & Pedagogy Support 

  • Co-Teaching Opportunities

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Administrative  Collaboration
  • Applications & Theory

  • Systems Improvement

  • Learning Management 

  • Data Protection

  • Instructional Accountability 

  • Report Card Design

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Student Empowerment
  • Tech Based Skills Introduction & Improvement

  • After School Tech Offerings 

  • 21st Century Skill Instruction 

  • Digital Citizenship Training

  • Week Without Walls 

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Parent Community Partnerships
  • After School Seminars on Digital Safety & Citizenship

  • Online Communication Support & Training

  • Relevant Tech Skills Support & Training. 

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Curriculum Development
  • Tech Standard Development

  • Scope & Sequencing 

  • Pacing & Instructional Guidance 

  • Instructional Vision Development 

  • Distance Learning Plan & Instruction Development 

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MARKETINg Social Media 
  • Website Design  

  • Social Media Creation & Support 

  • Logo & Branding Design / Support

  • Event Planning 

  • Recording & Media Capture 

  • Data Protection & Policy Design

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Facility Consulting 
  • Network Configuration, Consultation & Design

  • Firewalls & Bandwidth Support 

  • Audio & Visual Enhancements / Consultations

  • Internal Interweb Creation

  • Management Systems Consultation, Development, Training, and Support. 

  • CCTV 

  • Digital Signage

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Device support
  • Device Purchases and Donation.

  • Device Policy Creation or Support. 

  • Rollout & Implementation Design  

  • Device Trainings & Support.

  • Repair Consultation 

  • Loss & Prevention Strategies. 

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