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Nuestros compañeros

Sin alianzas sólidas, Tech My School no podría existir. Es a través de la colaboración, una visión compartida y un esfuerzo de equipo que juntos mejoramos a los estudiantes de Puerto Rico. Nuestros socios van desde una variedad de instituciones educativas, tanto privadas como públicas, donantes, consultores y otras entidades comerciales. Si desea asociarse con nosotros, complete el formulario haciendo clic en el botón a continuación:


Our Schools

Public Schools

Public Charter

Low Income Private

Client Schools

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  • Escuela Camilo Valles Matienzo
  • Escuela Luis Muñoz Marín 
  • Escuela Berta Zalduondo
  • Escuela Silverio García 
  • Escuela Eugenio Brac 

Otras Entidades

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The Department of Education in Puerto Rico and Tech My School have partnered for the 2023-2024 school year. The partnership will allow Tech My School to work with administrations from across 5 campuses on the island, offering professional development as well as after school coding opportunities for students. This work for the schools will be absolutely free. 


GoReact is an online learning platform. It's an easy-to-use combination of cloud-based video recording, feedback, and analytics tools. GoReact and Tech My School have partnered to improve the education on the island of Puerto Rico. 


Ep!phany is a non-profit organization that helps connect mainland students with our local students in Puerto Rico. Our mission is to bridge the gap between the mainland and our island by providing mentors and technology to our partner schools. Through our Tech My School program, we are able to provide students with the resources they need to succeed. We are proud of the work we do and the impact we are making in our community.

Atlantic University College is one of the island's premier centers for 21st century skill building on the island. AUC is home to some of the world's leading technologies and the island's top creative talent. AUC and Tech My School have partnered together to jointly serve Puerto Rican students in a number of different ways. From device donations, to special projects, and summer camp opportunities for less fortunate students, AUC & Tech My School are making a difference together.  

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We are proud to be partnered with Eduvy, a wholeseller of quality educational products and electronics. Eduvy is helping us equip schools and classrooms with useful technologies. We have teamed up to create a grant program for teachers in which they can apply for a free set of classroom headsets.  

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West Coast Ecuestre is a 501c3 non profit organization that specializes on serving special needs students through animal therapy and animal care education. They also serve mainstream students with proper horse riding and care. Tech My School is partnering with West Coast Ecuestre, helping them modernize their educational programs and systems.   

FACTS is a leading education software company that has partnered with Tech My School in order to give local institutions an elevated K-12 experience through excellent products and services at discounted prices. With FACTS we are working together to modernize the education on the island and ensure school communities are given a 21st century experience and that their information is safe! 


EHS is an elite private school in Houston Texas. They have partnered with Tech My School by donating technology, professional consultation, and will be visiting our schools locally during an annual Week Without Walls trip to visit our donor schools and support our student body. 


Data Capture Solutions is a premiere barcoding and data solutions organization in the US. Data Capture has partnered with Tech My School by donating computers, software solutions, as well as other business opportunities. We are grateful for their generosity and professionalism. 

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Puerto Rico Advantage onboards prospective and current residents in Puerto Rico to Act 60 initiatives and other possibilities. Tech My School and PR Advantage are working together to help modernize education in Puerto Rico for students on the island. We are also helping facilitate Act 135 to graduating seniors which affords local Puerto Rican entrepreneurs tax benefits for incubators and start ups. Click on the logo for more information. 

Pathbooks is a choose your own adventure style library where students can explore alternate endings to their favorite books. There are over 500 titles from K-12th grade. Pathbooks has been kind enough to give us free licenses we can share with our schools! Check them out!

LemVega Capital is a Puerto Rican based Hedge Fund group that focuses on wealth and portfolio development. They also care deeply about the education of Puerto Rico's next generation. As a partner, they donate technology and help build future bridges for Tech My School by connecting organizations and relationships.  

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