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Welcome to the League! 

Tech My School hosts an annual ESports league and World Cup Tournament for participating schools. The league is formed from schools within our umbrella of clients. They play every Friday at 3pm. The winners of the league then play in the Tech My School World Cup Tournament. Participating schools range from around the globe and it is a really great event. Tech My School manages and operates the ESports League. They provide schools with all necessary equipment, from high speed internet, TV's, Xbox's, subscriptions, and the game itself. At Tech My School we find it very important to build bridges and community through sport. Esports allow us to travel the world and bring schools together no matter their location. If you are interested in joining our league or participating in the World Cup, please email us at 

2024 Tech My School World Cup Champions! 

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Meet The TMS League Teams

League Table

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E Sports Media  

Check out our athletes preparing below!  

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